One of the key aspects of doing business in South Africa which we will not outsource is the development and upliftment of those marginalised communities that rely on our investment products to make a difference in their lives. Through an internal process of engagement and debate and factoring in external influences such as the South Africa government National Development Plan, we identified health and education as key inputs into the process of community development and upliftment. It is our view that these inputs can provide a sense of human dignity for people living at the margin.

TriAlpha has identified partners that have the capacity to assist us in making the process sustainable.

Afrika Tikkun is an international NGO that provides education, health and social services to children, youth and their families through centres of excellence in South African townships. Their aim is to empower communities to develop new generations of productive citizens.

TriAlpha has partnered with Afrika Tikkun in relation to their Child and Youth Development Programme at their Mfuleni Centre of Excellence.

The SA Medical and Education Foundation is a (Sect) 18a public benefit organization. Their mission is to create an environment where quality health care and education is available to everyone.

TriAlpha has supported the SAME with key community upliftment initiatives such as contributing towards the building of the HIV Clinic at the Delft Community Health Centre and more recently, contributing towards the construction of the Infectious Diseases Clinic at the Heideveld Community Health Centre (both in Cape Town).

The Fundisa Fund is a joint venture between government and the unit trust industry with a special tertiary educational focus. The objective of Fundisa is to encourage investors to save money for the tertiary education of any South African child from a low-income household, the fund applies a means test of an annual household income of R180 000 or less to the families of beneficiaries.

This is accomplished through rewarding individuals on an annual basis who have saved through the Fund with a grant bonus of 25% of their invested amount, which is capped at R600 per beneficiary. Investors can save for any child even if the child is not their own, and there are no limits of how many children an investor can save for. Fundisa savings can be used at a NSFAS accredited public FET college or university. The money may only be used for tertiary educational purposes, otherwise the bonus portion will be forfeited.

TriAlpha makes an annual contribution to the Fund to enable the 25% bonus payments to the Fund’s beneficiaries. The bonus amounts are allocated to beneficiaries through participating Funds managed by various collective investment management companies.

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